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GanarDineroPorInternet Review



GanarDineroPorInternet is not like a typical PTC site. The advertisements you see are from pure and real advertisers. They specify the time and the amount of sites they want to provide. So it requires us to see any sites are available everytime. GanarDineroPorInternet will pay you for what you do everyday, surfing the internet.


How to start earning???

Get Paid for Viewing Websites

Get paid for just surfing websites, doing simple tasks, and answering surveys.


In Home page (Inicio) you can see:  Or Ganar puntos (Earn Points) page...

  • Viewing ads – GanarDineroPorInternet is not like your everyday PTC site. The number of ads vary everyday. Actually, there are many ads. Earnings are faster. Various type of ads are there: $0.001, $0.005, $0.015, $0.025, $0.030 and also survey site, from survey site you can earn upto $0.250.
  • Earning/day – You can get minimum $0.1 - $0.3/day, it really depend on advertisers.
  • GanarDineroPorInternet uses Points System – Users get Points for browsing ads. (125 points=$1)
  • NO Scam Upgrade Fees – No investment needed -100% FREE.
  • Direct Referral – Unlimited Referral Program. Referral earning is 10 % up to 3 Level (10%/3%/1%), There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to the site, which is excellent opportunity for members who are able to build a big downline.
  • Free Worldwide service # All countries accepted.– It is free to join and there are no restrictions, individuals from all over the world are allowed to join the site and earn from it.
  • Language: Spanish



Cashout Options and Conditions

All payments are made through Paypal. The minimum to cashout is $10.00 (1250 points, 7.4% fee). Payments are processed within 30 business days of request. This is due to the verification process during which they check accounts for terms violations. After an account is verified it will take 24-48 hours to process the payment.



# Click Fraud – Advertisers asks clickers to click their Google Adsense Ads. Asking others to click Google Ads is against Adsense TOS.

# Language: Spanish (English or other languages are not available)

Screenshot of my account: Click HERE

Screenshot of payment: Click HERE



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AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

Earn up to $1.0 per day
Payment: Paypal & Payza..............................
Minimum PayOut: $5
WHOIS: 2010 - 2018