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                                                     Traffic Monsoon                                                       Revenue Sharing Advertising Company


Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program



Traffic Monsoon is not an investment site, but offers advertising packages to anyone which shares its revenues with active participants. Traffic Monsoon is a web traffic exchange website with a paid-to-click site and revenue sharing site. No Rented Referral in Traffic Monsoon and No Upgrade Level. Traffic Monsoon is intended to stay, grow, and compete in the field of internet advertising services. Owner as an admin of Traffic Monsoon is Charles Scoville.


How to start earning with Traffic Monsoon?

There are different ways to earn with Traffic Monsoon. Those are as follows:

1. Paid to Click from Cash Links

For those who work as free member without having to spend any money in Traffic Monsoon. Everyday, you can get PTC ads from cash links on your dashboard and reward you with extra cash which each worth from $0.001 to $0.02. Free members can earn up to $0.1 per day. Sometime you will not find any cash links. Just, keep on checking Traffic Monsoon’s account in order to find cash links so that you can click as many PTC ads as you can.


Cash Links 1

Cash Links 2


2. Earnings From Referrals

  • 100% Referral Commissions, you can earn 100% commission from your referral click.

Note: In order to qualify earnings from your referral click, you should surf at least 10 traffic exchange ads every day. And you can refer as many people as you can, to increase your earnings in Traffic Monsoon.

  • 10% Commissions from all your referral purchases, except for cash link purchases because all the money from those purchases are divided up to be rewarded to clickers and the sponsor of the clicker.



3. Revenue Sharing

Buy an AdPack costs $50 and get 1000 Traffic Exchange credits and 20 Pay-Per-Click Banner credits along with your share. The current daily earnings average per adpack is $1 a day for each AdPack purchased. Every each AdPack costs US$50 you purchase, Traffic Monsoon will pay you back $55 in approximately in 55 days. Which means you will earn $5 in around 55 days. So, if you can take much more risk, then you can invest in as many ad packs as you like.

Note: Click a minimum of 10 ads in the Trafficmonsoon Traffic Exchange, to unlock access to the revenue sharing for 24 hours. You will continue to receive a share of site revenues until you share hit $55 value. This means, you’ll need to keep clicking each day that you want to receive a share in revenues. If you take a break, you won’t lose anything, but you simply won’t receive any sharing of the sites revenues until you become active again in the traffic exchange. So do not take a break ...

Bonus: On Traffic Exchange get a 1:1 surf ratio. That means, you’ll surf 1 website to receive 1 visitor credit.


Traffic Exchange

As free member, you will get 1 credit for 2 traffic exchange advertisement views in Traffic Monsoon by clicking “Start Surfing” button.. Those credits you can use to advertise your own website or referral's link.


Best Strategy only if you can take risk: If you start from low investment, it takes time to rise. If you invest high amount, then it is risky. So, only invest that much amount in Traffic Monsoon which you can afford to lose. 


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