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9 Benefits of Karaoke to Health
2017-05-10, 1:34 AM

9 Benefits of Karaoke to Health




Sing For Health – Have fun through singing with friends can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and stress. "Karaoke with friends can make a person healthy and happy," said Professor Takeshi Tanigawa of Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan. Professor Tanigawa also recommended to go to karaoke for workers who often experience stress or for those working in the world of work and the stressful demands. This is because when a person sings, they tend to breathe deeply and slowly, very good for the condition of the nervous system.



Almost everyone likes to listen to music or sing, regardless of gender or age. Therefore, many public places karaoke exist almost in every place. Many peoples want to get together and do a karaoke party to sing, hear a friend sing or just listen to music.

Because by doing entertainment activities, such as karaoke. Have fun with singing alone or with friends can make a person healthy and happy, or to change the mood better than ever. It is very good to go to karaoke for workers who often experience stress due to work or as a stress release after working all day, to relieve fatigue, a party for friends and others.

Here are 9 positive effects you can get from karaoke with friends, based on the research of Professor Tanigawa:

  1. Making Better Breathing.

Sing when you use the whole body to breathe with more ease. Diaphragm muscle will be curved downward, the lungs expand more fully. Abdominal muscles are more relaxed allowing the body to breathe more active and healthy.

  1. Oxidizing Blood.

When you use the entire body to breathe, oxygen volume flow through the entire body will be higher. The body's cells are fed oxygen to function better and create new energy for its owner.

  1. Stimulate Brain Activity.

Singing requires thinking. When singing, you need to follow the lyrics, melody and rhythm, and words that connect with the emotions. When singing a lot of air will flow to the brain in the activity of neurons that integrate physical, emotional and psychological to feel excited.

  1. Releasing Hormone Happiness.

Hormones released when singing endorphine helpful to create a sense of fun and happiness with triggers nerve and physical. Your singing and friends, even though it does not sound as perfect as profesioanl singer, but can entertain others also creates a sense of fun.

  1. Reduce Stress.

When you feel happy, your stress level decreases automatically. Endorphins help reduce stress and anxiety. When singing a song with deep feeling in the body breathe and slow the heart rate and reduce excessive anxiety. When stress, fatigue exhaust with favorite songs to sing and cheer.

  1. Build Confidence.

If public speaking is a major fear you, then start by singing in karaoke with friends and nearby people. Singing able to build confidence away, because you become very open person. When you have dared to share the sound and music, it will be easier to overcome fear and groggy.

  1. Improve Memory.

Singing makes you at least have to read the lyrics and follow nasa. This method is good to stimulate the brain regions involved with memory, learning and concentration.

  1. Enhancing Creativity.

When building confidence and stimulate the artistic soul with singing, you realize you have also simultaneously foster the creative spirit. You will come out of the box and be a productive individual and innovative.

  1. Creating The Powerful Voice.

Profession speaker, presenter, teacher, pastor or in a sales-related businesses, will benefit from learning to sing. Sounds an important instrument. And singing gives you the expertise to speak with a voice-powered, powerful and confident voice that radiates from you. All the benefits that can be felt from the frequency of singing routine.



World records - Source Wikipedia

Robbie Williams holds the record for the largest number of people singing karaoke at one time, for over 120,000 people singing "Strong" live at Knebworth 2003.

Hungary holds the record for the longest Karaoke marathon with multiple participants for an event organized at the Honey Grill Restaurant. It lasted for 1011 hours, 1 minute, between 20 July 2011, and 31 August 2011. Each song was over 3 minutes long and the gap between songs was no longer than 30 seconds. No song was repeated in any 2 hour period.


Thank you for reading this brief article about 9 benefits of karaoke to health. You can obtain a lot of information about the karaoke on the internet. Have fun...



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